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People are stupid.

Mostly me.

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Seriously, don't you people have pedophilia to get under control? You're really going to waste time and energy from a hugely top church official on a FICTIONALcharacter, really? What's next, Charlie Brown as Mephistopheles?



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He's in a Chris Guest movie!

John Krasinski! Chris Guest! Together.


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I want them to finish filming Shrek the Third.

So I can watch Shrek the Third.

I don't even want to watch it, really. Except....two words.

John Krasinski.


I am such a dork.

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So I'm one of those girls now. Who drive to work in runners and then change into work shoes. Started my new job today, in other words. Seems like a pretty sweet gig, thus far. Granted, I'm like, 4 hours into the job. But still. So far there's a fridge and a kettle and a lunchroom and I'm on board. The office and the nameplate outside the door aren't going to hurt either. But even though I'm going upstairs soon to make myself a salad to take to work tomorrow, I maintain that some things in my life shall never change.

Firstly, I had a great morning. And it was all because my VAUGHN! Comeback Tour t-shirt finally came in the mail today. Yay! And my mommy made me coffee. And then later I had "coffee" for lunch. "Coffee" because Higher Grounds brews shitty shit. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Drink tea I guess? Cause Renaissance and its drinkable coffee are really far from the office. Well, really far in SFU-relative speak.

Secondly, tooling around the le internet this afternoon I discovered a new amusing blog, bout James Taylor and Bon Jovi and God (thanks, Blogorrhea) and some cool shyze on MSNBC Guilty Pleasures. Namely, this.

‘Saved by the Bell’

Lions Gate

Other generations are defined by “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” or “Ask not what your country can do for you.” Generation X gets: “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… SCAAAAAAARREEED!” Thus spake Jessie Spano, terrifyingly hopped up on caffeine pills. This particular installment of “Saved By the Bell,” that ’90s NBC Saturday morning gem, offers a leotard-clad encapsulation of why, even as we move on to mortgages, non-neon clothing and children of our own, we cannot look away from Zach and his Montana–sized cell phone: Screech in drag. Slater in hair oil. Kelly Kapowski in those stupid, stupid Keds. Math-wheeling Jessie in caffeine detox, which apparently requires a major hospital stay, complete with IV. And Lisa, lovely Lisa, being … rich, I guess. Why did this school apparently only have twenty students and the same three teachers? Why was there only one classroom? Who would actually buy a Buddy Band? This, however, we do know: I have my TV comfort food, and it tastes an awful lot like a dastardly caffeine addiction. -Mary Beth Ellis 

That's awesome. And I love things that are awesome. Like my new tshirt. VAUUUUUUUUUUUUGHN!

"Conversation with Myself", Jason Mraz
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July 11th.
The Malkin Bowl at Stanley Park.

The Mraz is back.

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the wisdom of Tim the Enchanter.Collapse )

Next time, The Book of Armaments, Chapter 2.
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Excerpt from Mr. Huggle T. Puggle's speech earlier this evening/morning upon hearing that he had won the so-called Great MSN Picture Contest, a sober and difficult campaign to determine the superior cuteness of himself, or his defeated opponent, an otter (who during the campaign presented himself anonymously, but who our sources have recently discovered may actually be a rat, due to the fact that his name may be "Dexter").

Earlier today:

"Friends, supporters, advocates for puggle superiority, online friends of friends of acquaintances, of relatives, Chelsea, - to everyone who helped me run such a clean and thoroughly meaningful campaign, I say a hearty thank-you. And also woof.

I think this was an important campaign. In the past, both my supporters and those who held differing views knew that I was cute. Today, my supporters and I can stand up and take a victory prance, catch a victory frisbee, eat some victory Kibbles n' Bits, because today, what truths we knew to be self-evident were upheld by a majority of reasonable, intelligent, conscientious voters of the Greater MSN Area.

I fully respect my formidable opponent, whether or not he is an otter, whether or not he is, in fact, named Dexter. He fought a long campaign, and I won't deny that at times, even *my* confidence in my cuteosity was shaken. I will always support those who maintain that otters and otter-rat hybrids are adorable. But I will always be glad that the cutest animal won here today - and that the rights of Puggles to be considered the cutest things in the world were secured - for tomorrow, and for always.

Throughout the campaign, I was called upon to determine what precisely made me the cutest animal in all the world. This self-examination not only lead me to a deeper and greater appreciation of my perfectly proportioned puppy eyes, and my delicately squashed features, but it also lead me to a deeper and greater appreciation of those around me, who make my life as a puggle, or, should I say, THE puggle, truly worth living.

So in conclusion, it is with great pride that I thank those who envisioned this contest, defended my unbelievably cute nature, and ultimately lead me to victory. Not just my incredibly savvy and witty and generally awesome campaign manager Chelsea, but her graphics coordinator and campaign spokesperson Tristen, and her friend Ryan, who was relentless in demonstrating his puggle love and in working on our "Get Out the Puggle Vote" for this crucial campaign to win Decision 2006. I accept this victory, not because it was such a given, due to my being so freaking cute, but also because I won.

Thank you all.

One last thought - an important one for young people and MSN conversationists everywhere to take to heart. For there may well be another contest like this someday, and the lessons we learned in the past few days will be invaluable for the individuals involved in that future conflict. Integrity and promotion and accurate counting are all lessons to take on with you, but let this be the greatest lesson of all.

Otters suck."

-Taken from Mr. Huggle T. Puggle's victory speech upon winning Decision 2006. Used by permission.
ecstatic ecstatic
"Eye of the Tiger", Survivor
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<td align="center"> Chelsea --

A person with a taste for acorns

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

<td align="center"> Chelsea Leanne --

A dance involving little to no clothing

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

<td align="center"> Chelsea Watt --

A hard-core grave robber

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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